Perfectstroke Adjustable Putting Platform
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Perfectstroke Adjustable Putting Platform

The Perfectstroke Adjustable Putting Platform is the solution for state of the art putting instruction, putter sales display area or home entertainment centre. This is a turnkey solution for providing a dynamic and profitable area for putting instruction, putter sales and fitting. The platform is installed into your facility and is set up to provide a straight putt hit from up to 12 feet.

Electrically fully adjustable to provide breaking putts that can be left to right, right to left, uphill or downhill. We offer a simple control system located in a panel on the platform which enables the user to move the platform to any desired planar position.

We offer a standard sized platform which is 4.5m x 1.8m and can be positioned in a corner area which can actually help to create more usable space in a putter display or instruction area. We can also customise to your size requirements.

In a dedicated putting instruction area the Adjustable Putting Platform by Perfectstroke is an ideal vehicle to help present  highly professional structured lessons including the option to install permanent cameras with video software analysis.

The APP by Perfectstroke has a backboard which displays markings in degrees and inches to serve as aiming points and references for stroke path direction and face alignment. An elevated elastic line is able to be used above the ball on straight and breaking putts to help with putter aim and reference for starting direction.  The backboard is customisable for your facility logo or golf club name.

Perfectstroke is also an agent for Science and Motion Sports SAM Puttlab system which can be used to measure players competency on straight putts.  In conjunction with the APP breaking putts can also be analysed.

We have been designing and building fully actuated golf putting platforms since 2007 and have the experience and knowledge to deliver worlds best practices to you.

Trust Perfectstroke to set up the best indoor putting studio for your facility.

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