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Latest model Perfectstroke 3.0 now available

The Perfectstroke 3.0 is a golf putting training system that helps to develop a putting stroke that has a slight arc that is appropriate to the lie angle of the putter. Primarily this is done by having the shaft of the putter stay on plane throughout the stroke by having the shaft rest on a suspended rail. When the radius of the stroke is maintained the putter head will swing up and slightly to the inside on the back stroke and forward stroke. A flatter lie angle will make the stroke arc more while a more upright lie angle will arc less.

The Perfectstroke 3.0 also has an alignment strip which makes referencing the aiming of the putter face very accurate at address. With good aim at address and combined with an on plane stroke with a consistent radius the putter face can then return to the ball with no face alignment change.  There is no manipulation in regards to stroke path or face rotation when using the Perfectstroke system as the plane rail helps to provide a natural arc. A player is also able to see their shoulder alignment in the reflective base helping to provide good stroke direction at impact. 

There are also three ground anchor points in the base to ensure absolute stability and position.    The Perfectstroke series of putting training aids provides the best experience for practicing straight and breaking putts and is invaluable in giving feedback to a player about how much putts actually break. No other golf putting training aid is available to provide the accuracy and simplicity of use as the Perfectstroke 3.0 for straight and breaking putts. 

After practicing with this system a golfer will be confident of their ability to aim the putter face at address - one of the cornerstones of good putting.  Putting strokes and practice strokes can be done on either side of the plane rail which lessens any tendency to become reliant on the device. In basic set up mode where the alignment strip is not used and there are no upper brackets attached use of the device becomes more simple and this is where we recommend players work on distance control and their rhythm and timing. There are markings on the plane rail which can be used to reference stroke length and because the plane rail is positioned higher than normal longer putts can be practiced. 

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To see a video of the different modes of use follow this link -

For assembly of the Perfectstroke in standard use and other modes and usage please follow this link -

To see a video of the 3.0 being used with an extra plane rail utilising the SAM Puttlab follow this link

The extra plane rail, an extra alignment strip and putter stand capability is available for an additional $20.00. Go to our products page and see Perfectstroke 3.0 Extra to purchase this version.