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The Perfectstroke 3.0 is also available to be purchased with an extra plane rail that can add more training options to further enhance and build a repeatable and effective putting stroke. 

The 3.0 Extra System also provides an additional alignment strip which has a single line that discontinues in the ball and club face area.  Any markings on the putter head can be matched up with the line suspended above the ball and target line. By using the extra plane rail a player can transition from practicing on the inner side of the upper rail to the outside of the lower rail moving the shaft and putter head only a few millimetres.                                                                      

The two rail set up also provides the opportunity to practice in either basic or full set up mode in between the rails where the player is trying not to make contact with either rail throughout the stroke. The extra plane rail is made of carbon fibre with a glossy finish which provides a super smooth stroke when the shaft is in contact.  When a player is making strokes between the rails they can differentiate between for example an incorrect back stroke path because of the matte and gloss finish rails providing slightly different sound and feel.  The extra plane rail can be set up either in basic mode or in full set up mode with either of the two alignment strips.                               

With the Perfectstroke 3.0 Extra model a player can stand their putter up in the device while the putter is between the two plane rails while retrieving balls or taking a rest from practice.

Special request for left handers -     If you are Left Handed we can put in position an extra cap screw to allow a left handed putter to stand in the device - please request by email after ordering.

 To see videos of the Perfectstroke 3.0 please follow these links 

To see a video of assembly and instruction use of the Perfectstroke 3.0 Extra please follow this link

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