Perfectstroke Adjustable Hitting Platform (AHP)
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Perfectstroke Adjustable Hitting Platform (AHP)

The Adjustable Hitting Platform (AHP) by Perfectstroke is an electrically controlled tiltable platform that can simulate many of the difficult lie situations found on the golf course. This training station can either be recessed into a golf studio floor or be positioned on the ground replacing a golf mat. It has a control switch panel which controls two actuators at a time to create ball above and below feet and upslope and downslope shots of up to a 10% slope.

The Adjustable Hitting Platform can help to educate and teach players how to hit shots that otherwise are very difficult to be able to practice. There are also benefits in practicing off different slopes that may help people that have issues with slicing the ball, poor timing of the arm swing and body turn or poor weight shift.

The AHP provides a very stable base for practicing all shots regardless of lie due to our proprietary lifting and stabilisation system.

Follow this link to see a video of the Adjustable Hitting Platform by Perfectstroke

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