This section should hopefully answer some of those common questions about PERFECTSROKE™.

Q. How will it help my putting stroke?

A. You will develop a stroke with a natural path and clubface action. Almost all other putting training aids try to make straight back and through paths and square face positions.

Q. Is it transportable?

A. It can be transported setup in the car or dismantled to fit into a golf bag for travel.

Q. Does this aid work with all putters and for left-handed players?

A. Yes including long and belly putters

Q. What distance putts can you hit with this device?

A. In full setup mode with alignment guide in position, up to around 10 meters and in other modes, up to 20 meters.

Q. Who is using the PERFECTSTROKE™ Putting Aid?

A. Golf teaching professionals, touring pros and players through all handicap ranges. There is no-one paid to endorse this product.

Q. When I use other putting trainers the stroke feels unnatural and not smooth, is it the same with PERFECTSTROKE™?

A. This device provides the smoothest stroke possible as there is very little contact between shaft and the chrome rail, so there is low friction.

Q. Is it easy to assemble?

A. Yes, the instructions and assembly CD will lead you through the different usage modes and setups